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After ordering through foodhub, i get a call to say will be an extra £3.50 to deliver, so cancelled order yet still taken my money, phoned to ask when i will get refund, to be told manager needs to talk to his manager and i will get a call when sorted ...... still waiting for call!!!!

Tasha, 29 Nov 2020

Hi, sorry you had some rude customers when we went to collect today. We waited a while for our food and it was certainly worth the wait. Excellent as always. Thank you

Nigel, 28 Nov 2020

Very tasty as it tasted fresh!

Janet, 28 Nov 2020

2 hrs for delivery

Claire, 28 Nov 2020

2 hrs delivery!?

Claire, 28 Nov 2020

Absolute value for your money. Food is excellent.

Phil, 28 Nov 2020


Donna, 27 Nov 2020

Very good choices and polite nice food.

Trevor, 24 Nov 2020

Wonderful as always and, unlike last time when it was very late arriving, this time it was early and very welcome. Thank you

Colette, 17 Nov 2020

Good food

Mark, 05 Nov 2020

Never arrives when it says it should be delivered

Timothy, 03 Nov 2020

great service

Matthew, 03 Nov 2020

Ordered prawn balls but got Cantonese style instead, maybe an issue on the order page

Lee, 01 Nov 2020

Food arrived late and is really cold, so we’re having to reheat in the microwave before we can actually eat it. First disappointing meal we’ve had.

Jemma, 31 Oct 2020

Very good quality food. Our second order of the month!

Nina, 31 Oct 2020

Hello, firstly I wanted to say what a fabulous meal we had this evening it was tasty and great value. I would like to comment on your waitress. She only served us a couple of dishes so I didn't say anything at the time but her hair is dreadful. Dreadlocks are unhygienic around food and I feel she should have her hair tied back with a hair net on. Not only does it smell but not washing your hair for months on end is not what I want around my food. Kind regards

Lynda , 28 Oct 2020

Good fast service, great food

John, 24 Oct 2020

Best in spalding

Clare, 22 Oct 2020

Lovely food, quick service

Louise, 20 Oct 2020


Amazing food!!!!

Angel, 15 Oct 2020

Lovely chinese

Nikitta, 14 Oct 2020

very poor service phones for reason why my delivery was 35 mins over the 85mins delivery time manager had excuses blaming driver as a customer i dont want excuses when i hear them on the phone say its just left at this point it was 35 mins late and no contact was made to me saying it was going to be this is a very poor service and the manager tried blaming the customer for it being late because there busy that isnt my problem maybe hire more staff to help this problem

Martin Bingham, 10 Oct 2020

Hi. My order for prawn crackers was not included in the delivery.

Tracey, 09 Oct 2020

Nice easy way to order. Delivery time is a little long but the food is great.

David, 03 Oct 2020

Always great service and tasty food.

Nikki, 03 Oct 2020

Over 2 and a half hours wait for freezing cold food - absolutely ridiculous- kids were far to tired to even eat - was to late to ring and complain and have it sent back to be able to get other food - appalling - won’t bother again!

Kiely, 02 Oct 2020